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When the Nets decided to turn off the 2k mt force

“When the Nets decided to turn off the main force, I do not know what their 2k mt thought,” Stern said, “the Nets have left behind, is the league’s worst record team, but they have the opportunity to respect It ‘s unforgivable in my 2k mt, and although the chairman of the league should not go to the inside of the team, I’m ashamed of the Nets. Stern during the job period is very painful holiday. In 2012, Popovich in the US live game in 2k mt cut off the GDP, three did not even go to Miami. Afterwards, Stern was fined $ 25,000 for Popovich.

But Stern also understand that a fine can not fundamentally solve the problem of players off, the Union can not be too 2k mt intervention in the team internal management. So the former president of the NBA hopes to gradually improve the scientific progress to alleviate the problem. “It’s hoped that one day in the future will be able to measure whether athletes need to travel by medical means, rather than relying on the virtual coins 2k17 judgment of the coach to determine whether the player is on the road,” said Stern. Stern has served as Chairman of the NBA for the 30 years nba 2k17 coins kaufen 2014 and 2014, and retired on 2k mt 1, 2014. Adam – Xiao Hua took over the post of NBA chairman from Stern.

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