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Drying out yesterday of fifa 18 coins a Beijing

Drying out yesterday of a Beijing Dongcheng District in the social media, your weekend early in the fifa 18 coins when saved a week of dirty clothes thrown into the washing machine, washing liquid found fifa 18 coins ran out. Originally intended to stay at home for the weekend, don’t bother to dress makeup go to the supermarket, she was fifa coins the Tmall supermarket under a single, did not expect fifa 18 coins afternoon received washing clothes. I opened the box, a timer that courier took 5 hours and 30 minutes, equivalent to half up rookie. The person in charge of the alliance, Tmall has fifa 18 coins storage base in Beijing, located in Daxing, Shunyi and Tongzhou. nba 2k18 mt orders, the goods will be issued from the nearest user warehouse. As long as it is at 11 in fifa 18 coins morning before the purchase orders, Tmall supermarket can be delivered that day.


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