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Cartier love bracelet was born in the Cartier design studio in New York-LOVE bracelet, it is a screw – media

In the 1920s, Louis Cartier designed the unique and innovative Cartier three-ring ring for the famous poet Jean Cocteau, whose three rings surround each other: friendship (platinum), loyalty (gold) and love (rose Gold), this is the perfect interpretation of the eternal love of Cartier. It has become one of the world’s most prestigious rings, but also Cartier’s inspiration and brand logo. Respectively, to rose gold, platinum and gold to build the three rings intertwined with each other, the impact of the times and trends, to show personal style and identity symbol. Closely linked to the three ring marks the Cartier love bracelet replica, the perfect interpretation of the essence of the brand, like a simple gentle friendship, a symbol of the future of the generation, showing the ring finger on the Union, a carved unique singular, mysterious dream and forever forever new series, Extreme sensibility. The back of the raised, but the front is particularly smooth, let the ring wrapped around each other, the twinkling of an eye on the surface of the metal passing each other. The tricolor has always shown the French elegance, intertwined with nature and classicalism. Three rings into life, there is no theorem to affect all ages. – Everything will always accompany you ‖ a legend, a ring. Wearing stars: anne Hathaway; rachel Weitz; Leslie Cheung; Shu Qi; Yang Jinhua; Zeng Kaihua …



Was born in the Cartier design studio in New York-LOVE bracelet, it is a screw – media ‖, and originality with a matching screwdriver, locked two semi-circular gold ring, so that no longer regret, change Complete and complete, as if in the earth struggling to find the other half of each other, and finally met, combined, physical and mental blend. And the purchase of this bracelet lovers wear it, but also co-operation, experience the true love of the joint efforts and care; wear a matching screwdriver to love

People custody, then on behalf of the love of loyalty and commitment … … as Cartier’s other masterpiece, -LOVE bracelet ‖ clever ideas behind also has far-reaching historical connotation. At that time, Western society was in a period of violent turmoil in culture, morality and political ideology. The popular liberation movement caused many people to lose their faith in love and life. But the advent of this bracelet is like a breeze, blowing into the hearts of everyone lost, so that people re-believe that love and loyalty of the beautiful, once again found the power of respect and trust. What makes sense is that the -LOVE bracelet changes the role of jewelry in fashion, it is no longer just the attachment of clothes, and can become a bright spot alone. Thus, a small screw, the achievements of the world’s jewelry in the history of a classic legend, over the years, so that countless celebrities dreaming, always follow. Many of the star couples, such as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Sophia Roland and Carlo Pontiac, Ali McGraw and Steve McCain, as well as Diana Canon and Gary Graent And so on, are selected-LOVE‖ expression of love, locked on each other’s nostalgia. Wearing the star: GD & TOP; Leslie Cheung; Hamasaki Ayumi; Xu Jinglei; Zheng Yunhao; Jin Zaizhong; Zhang Ziyi; lindsay-lohan; paris Hilton; nicky Hilton …

Panthère de Cartier

Elegant Panther (Puma Lady) has always been the image of Cartier love, and now, the world famous jewelry once again from this legendary animal

Inspired by the dark onyx, white diamonds and verdant emerald, to create a series of gorgeous jewelry. The puma is slender, graceful and elegant, and the strong muscles are infinite power; it looks lifelike, emerald-like eyes, shining with soft and alert eyes. Cartier has gained a lot of inspiration, created several onyx and diamonds broth, sapphire ball necklace, leopard shape ring and bracelet. This series of works with a variety of visualization of the Puma, and some stand in the purple or blue star Sapphire, to reproduce the Duchess of Windsor famous collection of jewelry “Sapphire on the Sapphire”, and some wrapped in the onyx Agate or large crystal ring, flashing with fine diamond and emerald intertwined light. The Puma series is also equipped with a variety of abstract jewelry, re-interpretation of the black and white leopard, with onyx or black paint carved Cartier love ring replica markings, diamonds inlaid with geometric lines. In addition to a variety of three-dimensional acupuncture ring, the other with a leopard-shaped engraved round pendant, pure gold, diamonds, onyx or black paint carved from. The other also includes acupuncture round earrings, leopard diamond hand and other unique modeling works. This series of jewelry is full of exciting temperament, showing the jaguar wild and tame double-sided style, perfectly to another point of view of women outside the soft inside the heart, and in the form of jewelry to bring out the gorgeous and delicate Characteristics.

Orchid jewelry series

In the summer of 2010, these fabulous works are all crafted with diamonds, or with diamonds, sapphires or other precious stones, in the craftsmen of the Cartier jewelers, the eternal nature of the flower, is – illusory The best portrayal of realism. Like the Western rose, orchids in the East is the embodiment of sensibility. The ancient Mexican Azcoteans had an understanding of the orchids, and Confucius was praised for it. Today, this rare flower won the world’s favorite. Different cultural traditions give the orchid a different symbolic meaning, it stands for orchid jewelry series

Table love, prolific, strength, of course, beautiful. Orchids are never the source of Replica Cartier jewelry inspiration. In Marcel. Proust, the orchid is “reminiscent of the water” in the Swan and Audrey love token.

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