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At the same time has cheap fifa 18 coins

At the same time has been part of the load cheap fifa 18 coins to the neighboring district, temporarily alleviate the high load condition. At present in the village has cheap fifa 18 coins built near the area of the power house, is the stage of testing, recently can realize the power supply, alleviate the supply pressure in the area. The blackout is cheap fifa 18 coins of rhinoceros horn village, due to the disorderly development of the villages in the summer with overload operation. The peak, will often appear fifa coins cheap cause blackouts. cheap fifa 18 coins present, for the area and distribution of 14 units, of which nearly two months of operation of 4 power distribution transformers, have eased some load. The Tianhe District cheap fifa 18 coins River south of the village Street side of transformer The evening of July 29th the highest load rate of 133%, which belongs to the Taiwan area. The reasons for the overload cheap fifa 18 coins line overload and low pressure switch fuse, the night has been carried out to replace the fuse and mut coins power. Power Supply Bureau staff will be part of the Taiwan cheap fifa 18 coins load adjustment to the surrounding area and to alleviate temporarily stop electricity problem,

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