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an important livelihood fifa 18 coins

an important livelihood projects to benefit millions of farmers, is an fifa 18 coins basis for promoting agricultural modernization, rural consumption upgrade, expand fifa 18 coins investment, an important measure to promote the steady growth of the economy. The rural reconstruction Yijuduode, which can reduce the cost of agricultural production, but also by fifa 18 coins the transformation and upgrading, to bring new economic growth point. In the rural village of Shanxi Province, Yuncheng City Dazeshan Dashe coins fifa Wenxi fifa 18 coins Pei, villager Liu Shengquan because “wells electricity” project to save a lot of spending. “The original wells transformer 5 years broken down two times, coupled with low fifa 18 coins, distance, pumped water poured through half a day.” wells electricity “, per mu this year harvest is really easy, time-saving, helped.” Liu Shengquan said. The follow-up force fifa 18 coins continue “in recent years here, great changes have taken place in rural infrastructure. The village water, electricity, roads have been achieved. But because of the fifa 18 coins and rural development, unbalanced regional development and other factors, the gap between urban and rural areas is still obvious. madden coins to maintain good infrastructure built, is fifa 18 coins a very important problem.”

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