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2017, PIAGET Earl of the legendary ultra-thin watch Altiplano series ushered in the 60th anniversary

PIAGET Earl Altiplano 60th Anniversary

2017, PIAGET Earl of the legendary ultra-thin watch Altiplano series ushered in the 60th anniversary. With subversive ultra-thin movement and slim shell, Altiplano series just a debut on the amazing world, as well as elegant style for the watch industry has brought epoch-making changes, as the hall-level legendary watch.

In the next 60 years, Altiplano series of elegant temperament has never changed, in the flow of time engraved in the meaningful imprint, but also has been favored by the gentry celebrities. Whether it was the French actress and trend model Alain Cartier love bracelet replica in the early 1960s, or the 86th Oscar for Best Supporting Actor Award winner Jared Leto, or the new Earl Global Brand Ambassador Ryan Reynolds (Ryan Reynolds), and the 72nd American Golden Globe TV movie best supporting actor award Matt Bomer (Matt Bomer), as well as the Chinese power to send actor Hu Ge, all the count Altiplano thin Wrist face yearning, put it down.

Elegant recovery of the golden age

In the 1950s, after the two world wars had just ended, people took off the heavy yoke of the war and rekindled the yearning and pursuit of a better life. Science and technology development, economic recovery, culture and art also ushered in the golden age of vigorous development, many future influence of the world trend of the classic one after another come out, leaving the immortal art treasures.

In the traditional art style of complicated and luxurious, the minimalist art type with simple lines and geometric patterns as the main elements emerges, and pursues pure and simple artistic effect. The new art trend is also rapidly spread to the field of fashion, the material is pure wool suit, the shape of the little black skirt skirt out of fashion idol their own elegant temperament, and with the Hollywood film and fashion magazines swept the world.

In the minimalist wave under the influence of PIAGET Earl Altiplano series of classic watch came into being, never seen the simple shape of the elegant temperament, for the tabulation history wrote a legendary page.

The passage of time

Altiplano’s legend can be traced back to the 1870s. In 1894, the Earl was founded in La Côte-aux-Fées in the Jurassic Mountains of Switzerland, and at the beginning of the twentieth century, he gained high recognition from major suppliers in the extraordinary achievements in the field of ultra-thin accessories. In 1957, Valentin Piaget blended the minimalist aesthetic with the exquisite Cartier love ring replica skills of the count, creating a 9P hand-wound ultra-slim movement with a thickness of only 2 mm. From this movement, the count broke the time to pocket watch, heavy watch for the mainstream watch industry in the old pattern, both elegant appearance and precision performance of the masterpiece, in the watch industry set off a revolutionary change

Altiplano series of ultra-thin watch has not stopped at the existing achievements. Just three years later, the count has launched a 12P movement, with 2.3 mm automatic winding ultra-thin movement with 24K gold eccentric mini-automatic swing Tuo, breaking the slim limit, once again let the world be amazing. Over the past 60 years, Altiplano R & D team inherited the count of constant innovation, the pursuit of excellence in the spirit of the brand, in the transmission of unique elegance at the same time continue to Altiplano series into a new charm. Altiplano series of ultra-thin watch will ring Geneva wave ornamentation, chamfering table bridge, ring corrugated main splint and blue steel screws and other exquisite craft hidden in the simple and simple dial and under the case, with gold, platinum and other precious materials, To lead the ultra-thin Replica Cartier jewelry skills into a new realm, so that this classic can pass through the passage of time, always full of vigorous vitality, as always, the interpretation of “to elegant” concept.

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