FIFA 16: the best artificial intelligence in all parts of the game between the news of the week

Electronic Arts has promised FIFA 16 with improved artificial intelligence in all areas of the pitch, midfield included.

Not only for the care of the fifa coins graphics, Electronic Arts wants to go FIFA 16 as the title of the series that has turned even in terms of artificial intelligence. It will not be easy, and only after that the game will end up on the market and therefore will be subject to the judgment of the players, you will have a final say. Messages that are launching the software house are, however, very clear promises and progress in all areas of the field. Also in midfield, perhaps the most delicate area where you won and lost matches. Another benefit is the intelligence in advance that a better reading of the intentions of their opponents to allow you to close the passing lanes.

The intelligence in advance, ensures Electronic Arts, it can be adjusted in the instructions player, to control the aggressiveness of the players in an attempt to retrieve the ball. Basically, you will have complete control over the construction of the maneuver in midfield. The main news of the week is the revelation of new local ambassador of FIFA 16 you will work alongside Lionel Messi. The same Electronic Arts had invited users to vote between a small group of appointed. Australian Stephanie Catley won the day on Lyah Simon and Katrina Gorry. In Mexico, Marco Fabian got the better of Hugo Ayala, Hiram Mier, Eduardo Herrera, Diego de Buen, Oribe Peralta, Christian Gimenez, Javier Orozco.
In Latin America there will be Juan Cuadrado and Sergio Aguero, Claudio Bravo, Edinson Cavani, Jose Rondon or Carlos Zambrano. In France Antoine Griezmann was preferred to Raphael Varane, Alexandre Lacazette and Blaise Matuidi. Finally, on the covers of British FIFA 16 there will be Jordan Henderson, victorious on Sergio Aguero, Thibaut Courtois and Harry Kane. FIFA 16 will end up on the shelves in September, supported by One Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC.

July 2015 is intended to be the bearer of news for FIFA 16. EA has already revealed the basic information about the new chapter of his title of football simulation. The coming weeks will be characterized by one more step that the release of the first playable demo versions. However they will be available to all users, whose release test is waiting until September, but the press of entertainment. If you know more in the coming days, whereas, like what was done last year, Electronic Arts could propose a sort of video diary to keep his fans updated.

Many of the changes go in the direction of improvement of the graphic level. Here then they are to take into account specific video trailer with the comparison between the similarity of the virtual players with real ones. He always remained on the side graphic: how far playback of the stadiums will be faithful? It is in fact one of the aspects widely improvable. From the point of view of the dynamics of the game, there will be progress in improving the level of emotional intelligence that is the customization of the reaction of the players on the basis of the different situations of the game?
In many countries, then, there is curiosity about the choice of the local testimonial that will join Lionel Messi, man image even of this new chapter in the series. In France, for example, the hellofifa users were asked to choose between Raphael Varane from Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid Antoine Griezmann, Alexandre Lacazette of Lyon, Blaise Matuidi of Paris Saint-Germain. In Britain it is between 4 to challenge Sergio Aguero of Manchester City, Chelsea Thibaut Courtois, Jordan Henderson of Liverpool, Tottenham’s Harry Kane. FIFA 16 will end up on the shelves in September for PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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Seahawk is not Jimmy – Graham forgotten

Question: If you have Jimmy – Graham, NFL 16 Coins how would you use him? 1 hand-delivered to him the ball. 2 so that madden 16 coins he help stop open. 3 Damn, give him the ball ah! If you select at least 2 better than 1 choice, and the last two weeks of the Seahawks chose 2.


Graham last two weeks as a target to be passing 10 times, completed 7 catches, advancing 62 yards to complete a touchdown. From the 2011 season to the 2014 season, Graham was the target each season pass more than 100 times, madden coins completed more than 85 times the ball, advancing.


Cheap fifa coins fifa 16 during the exhibition

2015ChinaJoy during the exhibition, the video game cheap fifa coins fifa 16, the theme of the show — time era game consoles and digital home entertainment products cheap fifa coins fifa 16 (ACh), but also attracted wide attention, ACh, which has become a an important part of the cheap fifa coins fifa 16 exposition of three Sihui “digital entertainment industry platform for the exchange of all formats.
We can foresee that the TV game will lead to a new trend of China’s game market. Then China’s TV game industry is not really ushered in the so-called “spring”? The author cheap fifa coins fifa 16 to analyze the specific.
A turning point: the operators “cost reduction, cheap fifa coins fifa 16 mention speed” policy scheme
As we all know, Xbox and One AAA on the production of PS4 level games, by a large number of players in the pursuit of a large number of. But in our country, under the cheap fifa coins fifa 16 environment restrictions, many game masterpiece “can only far view and not profane plays” for domestic players only. In May this year, Premier Li Keqiang several intervene urging, the three major mobile operators, eso gold Unicom and cheap fifa coins fifa 16 Telecom have launched a own drop fee and speed “scheme. Although some of the program has been Tucao, but no matter how, the move to release a strong signal that the network speed drop will be in the future for a long time to cheap fifa coins fifa 16 the main tone of China’s Internet industry, and many industries related to the Internet will also be subject to its wave and. The good news, no doubt to the is looking forward to vigorous development of home video game cheap fifa coins fifa 16 injected a tonic, vendors can be more in the video game console into the game, in order to attract the domestic game players to come to.

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FIFA 16 is also attractive to female gamers with women FIFA Ultimate Teams

Women gamers can now consider themselves to be soccer players in the top of the line worldwide soccer (or “football,” for those outside the U.S.) “FIFA” establishment distributed by the EA Sports division of Electronic Arts.Cheapest FIFA 16 coins are avaible for PC, PlayStation 3 and 4, and additionally Xbox One and 360 like FIFA 16 Xbox 360 coins, FIFA 16 ps3 coins, FIFA 16 coins ps4, FIFA 16 Coins on PC.

Ladies are presently “in the amusement,” announces the trademark slogan for “FIFA’s” distributer EA Sports, a division of Electronic Arts. This consideration is acknowledgment of the ladies’ amusement as well as the developing impact of ladies in gaming and the commercial center.

“I think it is astounding that ladies are presently being perceived as genuine footballers and our consideration in the diversion is the ideal sample of the advancement we proceed with tom.

Wambach has helped lead the group for over 10 years, at last winning the World Cup in her fourth appearance to run with two OIympic Gold Medals. She’s scored a bigger number of objectives in global matches than anybody ever — female or male.

Also, ladies are not just in the amusement, they’ve scored space on the spread. Forward Alex Morgan graces diversion bundling in the U.S. close by Argentina genius Lionel Messi who plays for FC Barcelona.

“It is such an honor to be on the front of “FIFA ’16” yet in particular, we keep on taking noteworthy steps for female competitors and I am glad that EA has driven the way,” Morgan wrote in an email to

Canadian National Team Captain Christine Sinclair and Australia’s Stephanie Catley are substituted for Morgan on the spread in their particular home markets.

What’s more, it’s not simply competitors who are paying heed. About a large portion of computer game players in the U.S. are ladies, yet commentators say they are horribly underrepresented — and distorted — by the business. Case in point, men are given a role as legends and ladies are much of the time either protests of craving or ladies in trouble in the computer game world. It likewise takes after a year ago’s Gamergate, which drove some female engineers out of an industry a few eyewitnesses say is overflowing with sexism.

While “FIFA” alone may not change these demeanors, it will present positive female good examples for all players.

Alaina Percival, CEO of Women Who Code, a non-benefit that means to urge females to enter the male-overwhelmed tech area, told that the virtual soccer pictures can have a more prominent effect than just young ladies playing out soccer dreams onscreen.

“A vast rate of the male specialists I’ve met have said they got into playing so as to code computer games so ideally this will be a stage in the right bearing to getting young ladies and young ladies enlivened to seek after professions in programming building,” she said.

Stephanie Barnier, a riches counselor for The Wealth Consulting Group, was a productive objective scorer at the University of San Diego and said that the “FIFA” diversion ought to engage both genders.

“These days, it’s a “we” thing for the US ladies’ group, they are more grounded than at any other time in recent memory before and ladies can play soccer like ladies. I think you’ll discover most ladies — and an entire hell of a ton of men — find that extremely attractive,” Barnier told

World Cup Golden Ball victor Carli Lloyd included that the diversion might likewise spur young ladies in this present reality.

“I think it is so vital for young ladies to have the capacity to play as ladies’ groups in FIFA ’16. This will give them trust that they also can be on a computer game one day and they can play FIFA utilizing the group they cherish,” Lloyd told

Concerning “FIFA’s” diversion play, it looks at well to the current year’s upgraded men’s form and catches the identities and body developments of the players. Morgan and Wambach were among the U.S. national cooperative individuals that wore movement catch suits to have their proceeds onward the ball and off and in addition signature festivities duplicated to loan a quality of validness to the product.

12 ladies’ national groups including the World Cup Champion USA, Germany, and Canada are in the inaugural ladies’ diversion, alongside many men’s squads, associations, and the colossally mainstream, custom FIFA Ultimate Team mode.

“FIFA ’16” is feeling the loss of a few ladies’ national groups, remarkably adversary Japan, which the U.S. vanquished in the current year’s last, getting a measure of retribution for the heart-twisting extra shot misfortune to the Japanese in 2011.

Experts say diversions pointed just at young ladies have generally fizzled, yet the times — and the demographics — are an evolving. Consider females somewhat dwarf men in the US, they make up about a large portion of youth soccer players, furthermore represent almost a large portion of all gamers.

Additionally, given the Women’s World Cup was the most-watched soccer coordinate ever in the U.S,, EA Sports may see expanded interest for this amusement.

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