FIFA 16: the best artificial intelligence in all parts of the game between the news of the week

Electronic Arts has promised FIFA 16 with improved artificial intelligence in all areas of the pitch, midfield included.

Not only for the care of the fifa coins graphics, Electronic Arts wants to go FIFA 16 as the title of the series that has turned even in terms of artificial intelligence. It will not be easy, and only after that the game will end up on the market and therefore will be subject to the judgment of the players, you will have a final say. Messages that are launching the software house are, however, very clear promises and progress in all areas of the field. Also in midfield, perhaps the most delicate area where you won and lost matches. Another benefit is the intelligence in advance that a better reading of the intentions of their opponents to allow you to close the passing lanes.

The intelligence in advance, ensures Electronic Arts, it can be adjusted in the instructions player, to control the aggressiveness of the players in an attempt to retrieve the ball. Basically, you will have complete control over the construction of the maneuver in midfield. The main news of the week is the revelation of new local ambassador of FIFA 16 you will work alongside Lionel Messi. The same Electronic Arts had invited users to vote between a small group of appointed. Australian Stephanie Catley won the day on Lyah Simon and Katrina Gorry. In Mexico, Marco Fabian got the better of Hugo Ayala, Hiram Mier, Eduardo Herrera, Diego de Buen, Oribe Peralta, Christian Gimenez, Javier Orozco.
In Latin America there will be Juan Cuadrado and Sergio Aguero, Claudio Bravo, Edinson Cavani, Jose Rondon or Carlos Zambrano. In France Antoine Griezmann was preferred to Raphael Varane, Alexandre Lacazette and Blaise Matuidi. Finally, on the covers of British FIFA 16 there will be Jordan Henderson, victorious on Sergio Aguero, Thibaut Courtois and Harry Kane. FIFA 16 will end up on the shelves in September, supported by One Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC.

July 2015 is intended to be the bearer of news for FIFA 16. EA has already revealed the basic information about the new chapter of his title of football simulation. The coming weeks will be characterized by one more step that the release of the first playable demo versions. However they will be available to all users, whose release test is waiting until September, but the press of entertainment. If you know more in the coming days, whereas, like what was done last year, Electronic Arts could propose a sort of video diary to keep his fans updated.

Many of the changes go in the direction of improvement of the graphic level. Here then they are to take into account specific video trailer with the comparison between the similarity of the virtual players with real ones. He always remained on the side graphic: how far playback of the stadiums will be faithful? It is in fact one of the aspects widely improvable. From the point of view of the dynamics of the game, there will be progress in improving the level of emotional intelligence that is the customization of the reaction of the players on the basis of the different situations of the game?
In many countries, then, there is curiosity about the choice of the local testimonial that will join Lionel Messi, man image even of this new chapter in the series. In France, for example, the hellofifa users were asked to choose between Raphael Varane from Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid Antoine Griezmann, Alexandre Lacazette of Lyon, Blaise Matuidi of Paris Saint-Germain. In Britain it is between 4 to challenge Sergio Aguero of Manchester City, Chelsea Thibaut Courtois, Jordan Henderson of Liverpool, Tottenham’s Harry Kane. FIFA 16 will end up on the shelves in September for PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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Sport exhaust design and improved performance.

Torque Cars will look at the sports exhaust, performance car parts as they are very popular modifications, but unfortunately many of the mistakes made.

Work exhaust to break the sound pulse from the engine, drowning out the sound and allows exhaust gases to escape effectively.

We see young men setting emission size drainpipe and will examine the causes of the power losses in these cases.

What impact do they have on the engine and do all emissions increase in power?
This component affects the blow burning phase – getting rid of the exhaust gas is important and the lower the pressure in the exhaust system has a higher BHP production.

However, the flow rate or velocity of the exhaust gas is also included in the equation. Large emissions and slow the flow of small to increase it. turbocharger suppliers You must balance the exhaust gases at the input and output of the engine to give the best flow rate without causing back pressure (exhaust gas delay is not able to escape quickly.)

Ideally, you’ll have a different size for each group of holes in the engine RPM, but this is not practical, so the best option is selected round. Most good quality aftermarket performance exhausts move optimally operate more efficiently at higher speeds.

Interestingly, some manufacturers productivity machines have a “double hole size” exhaust which varies depending on the speed allows low torque and better peak power figures. The flow rate is usually controlled by mechanical valves or throttle valve.

The muffler is often the biggest bottleneck in the car. Normal output filter exhaust gases around the many forms of S and through the walls to muffle the noise. Silencer sports, usually a straight pipe with holes in it. Sound waves pass through the holes of the outer shell, and then bounce back, and if done correctly it cancels a lot of noise in the exhaust gases.
Polishing the inside of the exhaust gases will quickly exit, as there is less internal friction. This is why steel header flows better than cast iron one of holes and defects are left in the casting process.

We hate to see trams with massive emissions and we hope that the following suggestions will help common sense will prevail. Typically, exhaust gas based on air quantity, the engine needs to send, and it varies greatly in turbine engines and highly customized.

To try to keep our young readers from the major sticking exhaust they can find, we’ll add the following general tips. At the very, very general rule, according 1.6l engine, TorqueCars recommend that you stick to a 1.5 to 2 inch pipe (the smaller the engine, the smaller the size of the hole). The 2.5l engines come with 2-2.5 inches and on this road with a 3-inch exhaust.
More than 2.5 liter engines, we would like to offer a dual exhaust system, using only half the volume of the engine to determine the optimal size of the pipe, as we have just outlined. so that the 3.0 engine is ideal for twins 1.5-2 inch hole and 5 liters with twin 2-2.5 inch hole.
The hole size is used to minimize the size of the holes along the entire length of the exhaust up to the mounting box and tail pipe.

(Boxes and pipe the output may be a little wider, Coilovers but it will not produce more power, it will just give a deeper sound.).

Gases are the best of the big pipes on the small pipe, if the connection is tapered. Steps will cause turbulence, and it can affect the airflow and affect performance.
The shape of the exhaust manifold (painted red in picture) is also essential in both primary and secondary lengths.

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Today is the day of the Beetle

True icon and a national passion, race parts the Volkswagen Beetle has a day alone in their country. Today, January 20, is celebrated the National Day of the Beetle. There are those who love him by family tradition, others, out of sympathy. Some have learned to drive in a VW, and those who have become accustomed to the grandfather Beetle. There are fans who like to let them identical when they left the factory. Others who want to abuse of creativity to style them. Anyway, the Beetle is democratic: appeals to many and is one of the most affordable vehicles on the market.

To celebrate the date, UsadosBR listed some reasons for the preference for the more beloved Volkswagen.

Cost / benefit: In general, the cost of a Volkswagen Beetle is much smaller than another new car. Many of them have the advantage of having an engine as good as or even better than a new car.

Relative economy: the Beetle never was the most economical car on the market. Still, 4340 crankshaft if it is well regulated, can walk well and spend little fuel.

The test of time: The project lasted 50 years without major changes, but that any other car

Reduced speed: To a certain degree of customization and tuning a VW bug remains a very safe speed, that is, you hardly will be in a risk due to high speed.

Rear-wheel drive: Today privilege of sports, was already successful in the hands of trainers and amateur riders.

Simple mechanics: The Beetle has no hose to pierce or camshaft cerreia to quebrar.Sua suspension encaravava roads where only spent Jeep

Test girlfriend and friends: Thanks to Beetle you can test the tolerance of his girlfriend before venturing out for a more serious relationship. If it speak “or the Beetle, or I!”, You know it will give problem. How many friends, try to park the car next to them and listen to the comments, if they support the hood or put your foot on the fender is a sign that they do not have the same interests as you.

?Maintenance: A service provided on a new car, even if it is simple, it can be more expensive than a service done in a car older technology, like the Beetle.
A Volkswagen Beetle and almost eternal. If well maintained, becomes a family jewel

Be recognized: Having a good whole Beetle and gleaming draws attention and makes you be recognized on the street.

Engine: Ferdinand Porsche signed the revolutionary design of the air-cooled engine that sees snow or desert smoothly.

Be the joy of children: Every child likes Beetle, who ever heard of the game Blue Beetle !

Feel part of the story: The Beetle participated in important moments in history. When you buy a Volkswagen Beetle and falls in love with him, you’re interested in all that concerns the car and realizes that he can be part of history with it.

Make friends: It may be the guy who is looking to buy your car; the lady who claims to have had an equal 20 years ago; the man who never saw you in life but catches you by the arm to show him the Beetle; the fusqueiro in trouble stopped on the shoulder you stopped to help; one who stopped to help you; that relative who was close because it also has a Volkswagen Beetle; and many other situations.


Manufactured in Brazil since 1959, the Beetle became the most popular model in the country with over three million units produced. More than a generation of Brazilian drivers learned to drive in a VW Beetle and chose it to get your first car. The Beetle was the best selling car in Brazil for 24 consecutive years.

The story of the Beetle in Brazil has a particularity: turbocharger uk the return of manufacturing in 1993, seven years after its closure in 1986. At the request of the then president, Itamar Franco, the car came to be produced in a version exclusively powered ethanol, and stopped being produced in 1996.

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FIFA 16 Team Mode Explained

FIFA 16 has arrived with splendid reviews. Among one of the new features praised is the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team and Fifa 16 coins (FUT) mode where players are given cards at random from digital booster packs and they must use what they’re give to form teams. Teams assembled can be used to enter a few competitions and contend for a championship which then earns them coins to continue constructing their team. Impatient folks can just pay real money to get ahead, but let’s not get into that.


FUT mode necessitates constant internet connectivity though it is not mandatory to go up against others online. This is because several features in that mode is only accessible online. Hooray EA, FUT 16 coins you schmucks.


The thing with FUT mode is that it is not a matter of progressing to a stage of amassing star-studded players. That aspect of the game is banal and frankly hardly exciting. Players in a team must have that click, the right chemistry to work together optimally. So some consideration is required, which is cool.


A variant of the Fifa 16 coins is FUT Draft, where players form a team using random golden players. Like the normal FUT mode, drafted teams can participate in tourneys to win stuff. Chemistry, in this case, is also imperative. But FUT Draft isn’t just there for the taking; players have to splash 15,000 gold coins to get in.

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