FIFA 16: the best artificial intelligence in all parts of the game between the news of the week

Electronic Arts has promised FIFA 16 with improved artificial intelligence in all areas of the pitch, midfield included.

Not only for the care of the fifa coins graphics, Electronic Arts wants to go FIFA 16 as the title of the series that has turned even in terms of artificial intelligence. It will not be easy, and only after that the game will end up on the market and therefore will be subject to the judgment of the players, you will have a final say. Messages that are launching the software house are, however, very clear promises and progress in all areas of the field. Also in midfield, perhaps the most delicate area where you won and lost matches. Another benefit is the intelligence in advance that a better reading of the intentions of their opponents to allow you to close the passing lanes.

The intelligence in advance, ensures Electronic Arts, it can be adjusted in the instructions player, to control the aggressiveness of the players in an attempt to retrieve the ball. Basically, you will have complete control over the construction of the maneuver in midfield. The main news of the week is the revelation of new local ambassador of FIFA 16 you will work alongside Lionel Messi. The same Electronic Arts had invited users to vote between a small group of appointed. Australian Stephanie Catley won the day on Lyah Simon and Katrina Gorry. In Mexico, Marco Fabian got the better of Hugo Ayala, Hiram Mier, Eduardo Herrera, Diego de Buen, Oribe Peralta, Christian Gimenez, Javier Orozco.
In Latin America there will be Juan Cuadrado and Sergio Aguero, Claudio Bravo, Edinson Cavani, Jose Rondon or Carlos Zambrano. In France Antoine Griezmann was preferred to Raphael Varane, Alexandre Lacazette and Blaise Matuidi. Finally, on the covers of British FIFA 16 there will be Jordan Henderson, victorious on Sergio Aguero, Thibaut Courtois and Harry Kane. FIFA 16 will end up on the shelves in September, supported by One Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC.

July 2015 is intended to be the bearer of news for FIFA 16. EA has already revealed the basic information about the new chapter of his title of football simulation. The coming weeks will be characterized by one more step that the release of the first playable demo versions. However they will be available to all users, whose release test is waiting until September, but the press of entertainment. If you know more in the coming days, whereas, like what was done last year, Electronic Arts could propose a sort of video diary to keep his fans updated.

Many of the changes go in the direction of improvement of the graphic level. Here then they are to take into account specific video trailer with the comparison between the similarity of the virtual players with real ones. He always remained on the side graphic: how far playback of the stadiums will be faithful? It is in fact one of the aspects widely improvable. From the point of view of the dynamics of the game, there will be progress in improving the level of emotional intelligence that is the customization of the reaction of the players on the basis of the different situations of the game?
In many countries, then, there is curiosity about the choice of the local testimonial that will join Lionel Messi, man image even of this new chapter in the series. In France, for example, the hellofifa users were asked to choose between Raphael Varane from Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid Antoine Griezmann, Alexandre Lacazette of Lyon, Blaise Matuidi of Paris Saint-Germain. In Britain it is between 4 to challenge Sergio Aguero of Manchester City, Chelsea Thibaut Courtois, Jordan Henderson of Liverpool, Tottenham’s Harry Kane. FIFA 16 will end up on the shelves in September for PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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Day executive meeting of the State Council

    In mid-July, rs 2007 the Chinese core economic data to be announced in the first half. Li Keqiang pay close

attention to three “significant” implementation, will provide the third quarter and the subsequent economic how the new power?
    Day executive meeting of the State Council pointed out that China’s economic development in the past two months, positive factors continue to increase,

to accelerate the pace of structural adjustment, fiscal and monetary policy continued markedly, motivation and development to enhance the anti-risk ability,

confidence, the annual economic and social conditions Development of the main objectives and tasks.
    “Three quarters of the investment can ‘hit the bottom’, that is to a large extent depend on local governments ‘diligent’ situation.” Liu Yuanchun

expected, with the official increase investment, and constantly improve the PPP and other cooperative mode , investment is expected to have improved in the

third quarter compared with the first half.
    “If these measures are in place, China’s economy is expected to rebound in the third quarter can be smoothly.” Hong Xu was forecast in the third quarter

Chinese GDP or smooth up to 7% growth, while the fourth quarter this momentum can be maintained, “the full year , 7 percent growth target is expected of. ”
    “Of course, the premise is the steady-related investment measures and reform policies to be put in place.” He reminded.
    Under the more optimistic than in the third quarter to predict economic trends, the Liu Yuanchun also reminds us that the current taxation system reform

is not completed, the government is not fully functional reconstruction started, investment and financing platform has not in full swing in the background,

“would inevitably lead to a lot of measures are transitional, so too radical to take place ‘excessive force’ way to enhance local ‘diligent’ level, may not

be able to play the desired effect of routine. ”
    He suggested that investment and policy implementation should not be afraid to take “too fast and too” radical “play”, “still needs major reform and

speed of the current match,rs 2007 there must be a certain buffer, and to take reasonable pace.”
To meet the BRICS Leaders Meeting and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Council, Russia has produced a special promotional video in the Media

Center on the big screen loop, display each country style. The picture shows the video in the Chinese elements.
Reporter Chen Wei-efficient photoUfa, the capital of the Republic of Alto Stan, with the advent of the seventh meeting between the leaders of the BRICS and

Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) fifteenth meeting, in recent days the atmosphere of cheerful atmosphere . Particularly interesting is that from the

venue to the sidelines, you can see Chinese elements. Ufa, Bashkortostan republic as a whole are looking forward to the aid conference in the east, continue

to strengthen cooperation with China.

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WildStar Seems Like World of Warcraft Actually Vast Difference (2)

Since the game WildStar begin Pre-OBT, players will think its style is similar to world of warcraft. Explain the game makers wilderness “the wildstar also chose the similar style, but more cartoon, rich and exaggerated. We don’t want to be regarded as clone of wow gold, like Pepsi and Coca-Cola looks exactly the same, but tastes totally are different.” In fact, this is totally different a new game with wildstar gold in content from world of warcraft.

No longer be a tracking missile: skill system reflects degree of freedom. The combat system of wildstar apply more “radical” lock-free action pattern. What is called “completely”, compared to those compromise “no lock”, long-range weapons are not tracked missile, but can be go to ballistic across the truncation. Action games necessary system at present stage is provide a higher degree of freedom of skill choice for players. WildStar does very well in this aspect, each profession can set attack, defense, auxiliary, control and counteraccusation skills according to the needs of fighting their collocation, every skills including two phase upgrade attribute, skill points can unlock a new attribute.

In addition, there can be a total of 30 active skills in each class, but you can only carry nine during the battle to obtain equipment and wildstar gold, which is very similar with guild wars 2. So that players can choose their own routines with more freedom.

Home system: high degrees of freedom, provides bonuses for players. Wild planet home system can say from the strongest since online custom home system, small as a teacup, big as the turf, all of these are fall within the scope of your custom completely. Known to have several thousand kinds of furniture and peripherals can be arbitrarily put. In addition to players can take wildstar gold to buy items, many rare decorations need to get from PvE and PVP fighting. And special decorations will provide master different bonuses.


Final Fantasy VII Remake battle system still in “trial-and-error” phase

While the fanbase waits with its breath held on how the battle system with “dramatic changes” is going to play out in Final Fantasy VII‘s remake, they might take a little comfort in knowing that nothing is set in stone just yet. Development continues, and the battle system that Square Enix has in mind is still in its “trial-and-error” phase.

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Speaking with Famitsu, translated by Gematsu, Producer Yoshinori Kitase begs fans not to ask about how far into production the team is.


“We’re starting to see the visual direction. On the other hand, we’re currently working out the battle system and such through trial-and-error. Since there’s a possibility that the command battle system of the old days might not work today, we’re thinking hard about what kind of direction we can take it.


Normally, when you do a remake, it becomes somewhere along the lines of a familiar action RPG, so we’re looking at how we can put out something like Final Fantasy VII while still surprising players. Please don’t ask about how far into development we are and such. (Laughs.)”


Don’t you know your own fanbase, Kitase? cheap FFXIV Gil are among the most vocal in the entire gaming community, so of course they are going to demand you to have a say in the battle system. Be prepared for a wave of opinions and suggestions and of course backlash after saying this!


FFXIV Gil for sale Remake will be released first for the PlayStation 4.

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Snubbed last autumn Chu thought to help the media

When the fall of the evidence collected almost Chu,swtor credits Wang Jie wanted to give a fatal blow when he discovered to uncover sin is also not an easy task.

Autumn Chu had the courage to call a phone Longlin County Public Security Bureau, the staff heard him in the field, if there is evidence showing come longlin report, autumn Chu wanted to ask a few, the other party has hung up. August 24, China Youth Daily reporter to verify the matter Longlin County Public Security Bureau, the staff answered the phone said that the office phone,Tera Gold do not accept the report, the report should call 110 or the district police station phone.

Snubbed last autumn Chu thought to help the media, he broke the news media, Guangxi three hotline call. After the site visits Guangxi TV reporter confirmation, August 13 8:00 pm, the disclosure “Baise Student Network” terrible secret hidden investigations show finally aired on TV.

“That I did not sleep all night, with a few girls that my investigation has to call me, all worried and asked ‘Wang Jie was arrested no’.” Qiu Chu said that around 22:00, Lu Yun also by Wang Jie telephone harassment, he asked her not to poke this thing to the media, and threatened to find her.

Wang Jie, a home to live with relatives recalled Wang Jie after being arrested, and some shock. August 13 evening 11:40, the river that the cell number of 470 rental sudden burst of sound kick the door,Tibia Gold opened the door, several police rushed to put Wang Jie gave away.

A source revealed that the reason why Wang Jie was arrested so quickly, because there are regional leaders made a written comment after seeing the program.

After Wang Jie of criminal acts being exposed, Baise City, the official said publicly that on August 14, Wang Jie opened in his own name, “Baise student network” suspected illegal. August 24, Longlin County Public Security Bureau Publicity Division official told China Youth Daily reporter, after the incident, police set up a task force longlin Investigating the case. On the same day, Wang Jie on suspicion of rape was arrested. Police said that because Wang Jie of cases involving more staff, the case needs further digging, the current inconvenience to be interviewed.

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The Verdict on Albion Online’s Alpha

If you like to play Albion Online, you need to buy Albion Online gold to make your game better.


Albion Online’s closed alpha test is currently underway, lasting until at least the 5th of October, with potential for extension. We’re really happy with how players have been reacting to our new and improved version, with all its additions and expansions, which you can see listed in our news update here.


We’ve also had a lot of press, including some big YouTube and names, joining in the fun! We wanted to share some of the feedback with you so that you can get an impression of the game in its current state, and what the players who participated in the test really think about it!


The Verdicts of Albion online


  1. In this thorough but succinct video, YouTuber Fevir gets to grips with the basic game mechanics of Albion Online, including cross-platform functionality, full loot, and the sandbox elements of the world.


  1. ForceStrategyGaming puts you right at the center of Albion Online’s PvP action by showing off a battle alongside his allies and guild mates… not to be missed!


  1. Critic LUGO Entertainment reviews Albion Online’s handling on mobile devices – check it out if you’re thinking of playing on the go!


  1. Twitch streamer Zazzertaro got in some suspenseful and tactical guild vs guild fights over territory and player cities, fighting against undeniable front-runners Vendetta. Some great footage for all the blood-thirsty among you!


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A big thanks has to go out to all of our press partners, who we hoped enjoyed playing and streaming or creating videos on Albion Online. And we hope the fans, too, enjoyed being able to get access to a lot more footage from the world without directly being involved in the test. offers the safest Albion Online gold at unbeatable prices.The cheapest for you enjoy your game.We always keep our prices the lowest on the market.


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